About us

Our logistics-technology start-up company FASTERRR LOGISTICS a.s. is a new member of the MATTELI GROUP a.s. holding. Our background, stability, strength, experience.
It brings together, among others, logistics companies that have been on the market for more than 20 years.

Fasterrr Logistics a.s. was established at the beginning of 2021. The main idea of the newly established company is to expand the portfolio of the MATTELI GROUP a.s. holding. by digital forwarder that will meet demands of our technologically advanced times.


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We have available for you

  1. 600 cooperating carriers with Fasterrr 
  2. 500 trucks CEE Logistics a.s.
    - road train
    - mega
  3. 150 trucks LOG-IN CZ
    - security box trailer for HVG = high value goods
    - refrigerated
  4. 100 trucks Terranaut Ibérica                                                                              - road train
    - mega
  5. 70 trucks CEE Logistics Germany

Advantages of working with us

    We respect you. Your requirements. Your dates. 
  2. WE SAVE
    Your precious time. Your budget. Your workforce. 
    With us you have an overview of the status of your shipments.
    Reliability. Security. Stability.
  5. SPEED
    We are fast in solving your requirements.

Our values

Customer oriented approach

Focus on customer needs and goals satisfaction. Treat your customer, better than it do competitors and like you personally want to be treated - if you were the customer. Remember, that eventually the customer pays your salary and benefits, under the patronage of your company.

Trust in data and facts

All decisions should be made on the basis of data and facts, not on your own emotions and feelings.



Treat FASTERRR and its property like it belongs to you. Think from long term prospective and don’t sacrifice long-term prospects for short-term results.

Perceive the organization as a whole, not just from the perspective of your position.

Flexibility, proactiveness and continuous learning

Be flexible and proactive, don't be afraid of challenges and difficult tasks. Think in the way: how can we do this? What can we do to reach our goals? Instead of: It's not possible. Remember: Everything is possible! The limitations for success are in our brains. Educate yourself every day and wish to be better than your boss in order to replace him.


Radical honesty and transparency

Be open and honest with yourself and your colleagues. If you have issues or concerns, share them immediately and together we will find the right way to resolve it. If you don't know what to say, tell the truth.


High results and standards

Work hard and smart, deliver high quality service and raise the bar every time. We are the number one choice for our customers and set the trends in our industry.


Think globally and big

Let's not limit ourselves to the domestic market, we live and do business in a global market that could be ours.


Thrift and flexibility

Be cost-effective and rational. Don't waste money and resources unnecessarily. Wealth comes to people who are frugal! - Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA



Be innovative

Don't be afraid to try new ideas and ways of working, learn from your mistakes and do it again, but better. Break the stereotypes and show people a simple and effective way of doing things, even if they are used to it, it isn´t possible!

Where we work


FASTERRR Logistics a.s.
Doubravice 106
533 53 Pardubice VII